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Timun Emas - Narrative

    Once upon a time, there lived a husband and wife farmers. They lived in a village near the forest. They were live happily. But they have not been blessed with a child.
    Every day they prayed to the god. They prayed for a child immediately given. One day a giant passed their cottage. The giant heard the prayed begging for a child. The giant then gave them a giant cucumber seeds.
The Giant with the farmer

    "Plant these seeds. You'll have a baby girl, "said the giant. "Thank you, giant," said the husband and wife. "But you have to promise me to give the child to me when she is seventeen years old, "said giant. Husband and wife were wanted a baby very much. Therefore they agreed without thinking twice.
    Husband and wife farmers then planted the seeds of the cucumber. They watered it everyday. Everyday they took care of the plants. The plants begin to grew it as quickly as possible. Months later there grew a golden cucumbers.

    Cucumber was increasingly large and heavy. When the fruit was ripe, they picked it. Carefully they cut the fruit. They were surprised, in the fruit that they find a very beautiful baby girl. The husband and wife were very happy. They named the baby Timun Emas, means the golden cucumber.
The golden cucumber

    Years passed. Timun Emas grown into a pretty girl. Both parents were very proud of her. But they became very frightened. Because the anniversary of the Timun Emas was seventeen years old, the giant came back. The giant bill promises to take Timun Emas.
    The farmer tried to calm down. "Wait a minute. Timun Emas is playing. My wife would call him, "he said. The farmer was soon to meet his daughter. "My child, take this," he said, gave her a cloth bag. "This will help you fight the Giant. Now run as fast as possible, "he said. Timun Emas then immediately fled.
    The husband and wife were sad by the departure of Timun Emas. But they were not to have his daughter became the giant meal. Giant waited long enough. He became impatient. He knew, the husband and wife had lied. Then he destroyed the farmer's cottage. Then he chased Timun Emas into the jungle.
    When he almost caught her, she took out the first thing from the bag, a handle of salt, and threw it towards the giant. Suddenly the ground between Timun Emas and the giant turned into a wide sea. The giant tried to catch Timun Emas by swimming. It was very hard of course. It was a good chance for Timun Emas to run further.
    But in a short time the giant almost caught Timun Emas again. Timun Emas threw a handful of chilies. In a flash, there grew a thorny dense bush around the giant. The giant screamed with a pain.
The giant screamed with a pain

    But again, the giant got free and was almost able to catch Timun Emas. She took out the third thing from the bag, a handful of cucumber seeds. Suddenly, the ground turned into very wide field of cucumber vines. The giant felt thirsty and hungry, and then he ate lots of fresh cucumbers. The giant ate, ate and ate again and finally he feel asleep.
    When she saw this, Timun Emas ran as far as she could but the giant woke up and ran after her quickly. Knew the giant was coming closer and closer, Timun Emas threw out the last thing, a handful of shrimp paste. The ground where the giant running suddenly turned into a sea of mud. He was trapped there. He screamed and sank into the sea of mud.
The giant finally died

    Timun Emas quickly went home. The farmer and his wife were very happy. “Mother, Father, I am still life” shouted Timun Emas. “Oh, my dear” said the farmer and his wife while embracing her. “Thank God, our daughter is safe”, said the farmer and his wife again. They were very happy. No more fear. They did not want to lose their daughter anymore. The giant was died.

Taken From     : http://firdaaini95.blogspot.com/2010/08/timun-   emas.html
Moral Value    :
  • Think about a problem not just once, although in an urgent situation.
  • By the Timun Emas' provision which from domestic goods could be interpreted as a more flexible force women to face problems in life.
  • Always be patient and don't despair to face all problem of our life.

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  1. -OK nice story
    -write also your opinion about the story
    -use your own words


  2. I like Timun Emas story because it's easy to understand the story and I choose the Timun Emas story because it's an Indonesian folklore and we can get more moral value from this nice story.

    We must take care of Indonesian folklore, so the Indonesian folklore will not disappear and always exist.